What our standards mean for you and your baby.


Because we have the highest ideals for your baby, every JOHNSON’S® Baby product available to moms and babies is guided by our “BEST FOR BABY™ Standard.” That means safety is our priority. However, when it comes to what’s ideal for babies, we go well beyond safety to ensure that every product builds in our highest levels of comfort. That’s why we promise to deliver only products designed specially for baby that are gentle and mild.

The JOHNSON’S® Baby Brand values the trust that moms and health care professionals have placed in us for over 100 years. We make sure our standards are always set high — and work every day to ensure that we meet them.

Today, these standards are embodied in our five-level safety assurance process, which is guided by leading science and medical experts from around the globe. As part of this process, we conduct ongoing research and continually review the latest scientific findings, and we actively engage with external experts, like pediatricians, pediatric dermatologists, midwives and nurses.

All JOHNSON’S® Baby products must pass through this comprehensive process to ensure they’re appropriate for your baby. Safety is at the heart of this process, and our ingredients are all carefully selected and reviewed for safety, and our product formulations are clinically evaluated with appropriate testing.

We also conduct real-world evaluations with moms, and we never stop monitoring what you say about our products. You’ve told us that the trust you have in JOHNSON’S® Baby products means going beyond the testing — that it’s more than science measuring the safety of our products. This is the main reason why we made the decision to reduce or eliminate certain ingredients you weren’t comfortable with by the end of 2013.

We’re proud to be the first major company to set and meet this public commitment and we’ll continue to make further enhancements to our baby products by the end of 2015. Hear from our head of Product Stewardship about what we’ve accomplished.

As science advances and your preferences change, we’ll continue to listen and improve our products — so you can have complete peace of mind whenever you bring them into your home.

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